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Pet Portraits!


I’m open for commissions! Mostly pet portraits, so if you love your pet or need a cool gift for someone, look no further!

$20 for a doodle

$50 for a stylized/cartoony pet

$80 for a more realistic painting

These are digital paintings. If you’d really like a physical painting it would be more expensive + shipping, but contact me for details if you’re interested. I’m assuming paypal is the easiest method of payment.

Let me know if you have any more questions — contact  :D

One Minute

    “Hurry up, you’ll be late for school”. His mother was ill, pale and full of drugs. She wore nothing but rags as did he, and laid there on the couch with a mass of dark, matted hair and bags under her eyes, yet he was able to make her smile. He shook on his coat, grabbed his pack, and kissed his mum on the head, then hurried out the door. As he ran down the steps of the dingy flat complex, he counted the coins in his hand to make sure he had enough for a loaf of bread that evening. He was a clever, young lad with mousey brown hair and a sad, pale face. His nose and cheeks were accompanied by pink circles in the cold weather.
    As he walked toward the street, he remembered to not take the third alleyway to the main road, as that’s were he was once

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    Fucking ridiculous.
    This tiresome way we mop the sky, with bullets, sharpness, and havoc wreaking the air. They shove hot light bulbs up her canal, they deny him conditioning, leaving only cigarette butts, and it rips the privilege of orange peels in the mouth from those who deserve it. Heaving balloons through the sky, we carry on through the waves and currents.
    What are we doing with these screams and fires? Walking down the platform with noxious fumes spilling from the anus of our creations, we suck up what we construct.

    Glaring daggers from our sockets, the boar’s head, pinning us down. So prickly, these undesirable brain stems in the

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mind erased,
plugs in my ears,
and then it begins.

Open air introducing me into a new world.
The rhythm comes in slowly at first and then repetitively jabs my inner drums at full force.
Fluid vibes on top of tap-dancing bullets skidding across water.
Fast beats command fluctuations in my spine and fast paced twitches through my legs.
A car driving at light speed through the city at night with lights gleaming by in streams of energy,
Or a space shuttle zooming by colourful planets and orbiting stars,
or even a high speed submarine diving in a deep sea through bubbled sound waves.

Then it opens up into a streaming sky of endlessness and purity.
It floats there for a while, and everything is precious as we are all connected – together as one.

Gravity insinuates itself slowly, becoming loud and strong.
A build up,
a small pause,
and then the bullets drop in with a stimulating impact.
Up and down, fast then slow, flowing like liquid metal through a cave of vibrations, sprinkled with pleasant vocals.
It lingers there for a while as the fleeting gallops fade away, and as the rest dissolves into my mind and dissipates into the universe –

and everything is right with the world.


Look, I used to write stuff too! For class!


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